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A little about us; and Why we have created this Blog .

My name is Sidra, and I am a dentist by profession. I am married to Hb Harris, and we have a little princess, Zaira Harris. As first time parents, we didn't know alot of things; so we have faced alot of challenges. Just to give you guys an idea, for the first couple of days, we didn't even know how to properly hold sucha tiny human. It was a learning curve for both of us. I remember, it took us 15 minutes to change her diaper for the first time. It was like a science experiment lol. There were alot of things to learn, like which brand feeding bottles are good for our baby, what kind of stroller is good for us ,what things go in the diaper bag etc etc. After wasting alot of time and money, we've finally cracked the code. We have transformed from desperate and struggling parents to new and improved proud parents of Zaira :).

We have created Mamasbear.com to help the new and expecting parents, so they don't have to the play the guess game. Our plan is to give expert ideas and mom to mom inspiration exactly when they need it and to give all the tricks and information under one page.

Through this blog, we will try to help you with all the parenting tips, great products for new parents with all our experiences, and try to help you with yummy recipes for your little picky eaters.

I hope my family and this online space can provide a smile on your face and help you learn new parenting tips.

so grab a cup of coffee and follow Mamasbear.com

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