10 Best Evil Eye Protection for Newborn Babies & Mothers

After a woman has just been through the process of giving birth to a baby, she will be very weak, tired and she will feel very uncomfortable too. She will need all the help that she can get in looking after herself as well as her newborn baby. Postnatal care is just as important as prenatal care.
Alot of rest, nutritious diet are important for mother, but one must not overlook the danger of evil eye for both the mother and newborn especially for the first 40 days. Some people think its supersitious, but every culture and reglion believes in evil eye, so the protection from it is a must. In this article we will discuss 10 things to protect the newborn and mother from the evil eye.

1: Stainless Steel Spoon

It is believed that keeping a stainless steel spoon under the mattress or pillow of newborn baby, ward off evil spirits.

2: Kala DHAGA

Protection from Nazar -Black String-Kalwa RAKSHA Sutra-Evil Eye Protection
Black thread worn upon the wrist or neck are thought to have a powerful effect against ocular malevolence or “Evil Eye”.

3: Hamsa Eye

Evil Eye Stroller Pin Lucky Protection Baby Clothes Brooch Diaper Bag Pin
Hamsa Eye typically used as a good luck charm for protection and brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune, it can be pinned to a stroller, moses basket, cot, clothing, and diaper/nappy bag, protecting the baby from any negativity

4: Turkish Evil Eye

Girl Boy Toddler Child Teen Adult Woman Men 14kt Gold Filled Overlay Protection Good Luck Yoga Feng Shui Kabbalah Turkish Nazar Ojo

The Evil Eye is unwanted in all cultures. Mal de ojo is caused when one looks at another with envy and it is believed to inflict injury or bad luck. Mothers are especially wary of evil eye and protect their infants by having them wear bracelets.
Let this lucky bracelet brings you Success, Peace, Prosperity, Good Luck, Strength, Stability and Joy. It is the perfect gift for yourself or loved one- wife husband baby mom girlfriend daughter son grandmother granddaughter friend sister aunt men

5: Good Luck Blue Evil Eye Hamsa Pin Set Protection Brooch for Baby

Blue Evil Eye Hamsa Hand Lucky Charms Pendant Brooch &pin protecting the baby from any negativity. perfect gift for a baby, for Newborns and Babies Birthdays,baptism,Easter, wedding

6: Hashmi Surmi

Kala tikka: A black tikka on forehead or on face , especially those of little children is done to keep way the ill effects of nazar of people with bad intent.

7:  Pakistan Pink Himalayan Salt

Rotating rock salt  clockwise around the face of the affected person 7 times removes bad effects of evil eye. Flush the salt immediately in the toilet bowl after this procedure. Make sure you only get Original Pakistani Himalayan Pink Salt.

8: Feng Shui Mirrors

In Feng Shui, mirrors are often used as a cure-all to reflect negative energy back at all kinds of things people, bad architecture, traffic, neighbours, physical obstructions such as trees and rocks, or anything else that might be considered a conductor of Har Shui (negative vibrations). Hang the mirrors on top of the front door facing outside. Never hang Feng Shui Mirror inside the house.

9:Simulated Azabache Figa Hand Evil Eye Protection Charm for Babies

This baby brooch pin features a figa hand along with a simulated azabache charm to protect your little one from evil eye. This lovely pin features are used in combination as a protection amulet against the evil eye for someone you love. An excellent accessory to compliment your baby's or children's outfit.

10: Black Onyx Gemstone 

Place this under the pillow or mattress of the newborn in the night. This is a very powerful stone to ward of evil spirits. Mother can also place this stone under their pillow because it helps with postpartum depression as well. Always buy the stone from a very good source to work properly and never ever place any other stone with black onyx.

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